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Research of influence of constructive solutions to the nodes of metal structures under random design

Morozova Dina Vol'demarovna1, Serova Elena Aleksandrovna1

1 Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering, Moscow, Russia

2 Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education «Moscow state university of civil engineering» (National Research University), Moscow, Russia


This article presents a problem of researching of the intense deformed state of units of metal structures for the purpose of optimization this units in the case of the variant design of buildings and structures with a metal frame. There are examples of results which were get after laboratory experiment and computer modeling the same unit. The laboratory experiment was made on a optically-sensitive model, in other words, by photo elasticity method, which visualizes the difference of the main tension. And the same picture was get after the ANSYS computer model was designed. It is noted that in the traditional approach the designer develops a limited number of options, the consideration of which does not guarantee the closeness of the final result to the optimum. The authors indicate that the problem of development of new or improvement of existing methods of optimization of design decisions of structures is relevant, and its solution is one of directions of perfection of computer-aided design, which require verification of accuracy. One way to test the accuracy of a polarization-optical method, which is based on the property of most of the isotropic transparent material to acquire under the action of mechanical stresses (deformations) the ability to double refraction (optical anisotropy). In the study of spatial computer models developed in ANSYS, the authors obtained isopole of the principal stress distribution in the analyzed section of the model. The analysis of the received results of researches of stress state of the rigid attachment of the farm to the column, the experimental method of photoelastic analysis and obtained on a computer model in ANSYS revealed a clear convergence of the results.


Variant design, optimization of design solutions units of metal structures, polarizationoptical method (the method of photoelasticity), the computer model program complex ANSYS, stress state of units.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2015-02-001


For citations: Morozova D.V., Serova E.A. Research of influence of constructive solutions to the nodes of metal structures under random design // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. 2015. № 2. Р. 4–8. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2015-02-001