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Breeding and biotechnology achievements in potato growing of Tajikistan

Partoev Kurbonali

Institute of Botany, Plant Physiology and Genetics of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan


In the conditions of Tajikistan within more than 10 years thanks to combinations of methods of traditional breeding and biotechnology are received new perspective varietyes of a potato, and also process of reception of the improved seed material is adjusted. On the basis of a combination of methods of breeding and biotechnology are received of new varietyes of a potato: «Tajikistan», «Rasht», «Fajzabad», «Dusti» and «Academies of Sciences-1» («АN-1»), which on productivity exceed a standard variety «Cardinal» in 11...71 %. The new variety of a potato «Tajikistan», which planting in different areas of the Republic on the area more than 1500 hectares is especially high-yielding. Features, of this new variety still consists that unlike other varietyes of a potato in its tubers contains 3...5 mg/% of the threevalent iron, so necessary element for a human body.


Potato, breeding, biothecnology, seed growing, variety, in-vitro, Tajikistan.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2016-01-006


For citations: Partoev K. Breeding and biotechnology achievements in potato growing of Tajikistan // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. – 2016. № 1. Р. 25–30. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2016-01-006