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Requirements for agricultural production and environmental management in the conditions of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Shahmaliyeva Subhana Mammad

Azerbaijan scientific and production association of hydraulic engineering and reclamation, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan


The article was justified the development and introduction of irrigated agriculture watersaving technologies aimed at improving the efficiency of irrigation water use. With the advent of irrigated land in the village Gilyazi of modern sprinkler technologies, there was a need for its adaptation soil and climatic conditions of the region, which was the basis for carrying out research work on the sciencebased technologies with modern irrigation sprinkler Valley machines and circular front steps. Found that machines with circular Valley, there are two modifikacija: towed and nabukera (stationary) system of Valley. The number of support trucks: abuccima – up to 24 towed up to 9. Machine length, m: abuccima – to 857, towed up to 457. Water consumption 6...220 l/s (conditional limitation). The pressure at the 0.13 MPa 1.0 (although 1.0 MPa is very high pressure and normal pressure is in the range of 0.4...0.5 MPa). The average intensity of precipitation: 60...100 mm/h or 1...of 1.67 mm/min (sometimes more or less. depends on average rate of irrigation and type of sprinklers). Was done scientific justification on the selection of sprinklers Valley for irrigation of agricultural crops in the Khizi district of Azerbaijan Republic. Described terms of conducting research. The main limitations on the conditions of use of machines such as Valley.


Sprinklers Irrigation systems Valley, climatic factors, soil and agro biological factors, rationality, circular installation, front installation.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2016-02-005


For citations: Shahmaliyeva S.M. Requirements for agricultural production and environmental management in the conditions of the Republic of Azerbaijan // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. 2016. № 2. Р. 28–32. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2016-02-005