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Water-saving irrigation technologies and water use efficiency in agriculture

Pulatov Yarash Ergashevich

Institute of water problems, hydropower and ecology, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Republic of Tadjikistan


Results of researches of water saving up technologies for irrigation of agricultural crops and effective utilization of water resources in the Tajikistan are described. The comparative estimation of usage methods of water savings is spent and proved that the cheapest method of additional safeguarding of volume of water (up 1000 м3) appeared during introduction of water saving up technologies for irrigation at which expenses is only 1…5 US dollars. It is established that on prospect for maintenance of food safety for Tajikistan it is necessary to develop the suitable new earths for irrigation equal 500…800 thousand hectare, thus a total perspective water fence for all branches of economy will reach volume 18 км3. Lacks of existing system irrigation are revealed that efficiency of use of irrigating water very low and make up from 0.4 to 0.6. Water saving up technologies depending on investment of capital is divided into 2 groups: water saving up technologies, demanding small expenses and demanding big expenses. It is established that at a drop irrigation of a cotton, corn, vegetable cultures and microirrigation of wheat, the economy of irrigating water reaches up to 60 %, and productivity raises in 1.8 … 2.0 times.


Water saving, technology, water use, irrigated land, trickle irrigation, microirrigation, drip irrigation, crop yield, irrigation rates, United Nations Organization, UN, water, irrigation.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2017-04-004


For citations: Pulatov Ya.E. Water-saving irrigation technologies and water use efficiency in agriculture // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. 2017. № 4. Р. 21–26. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2017-04-004