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About the location of the riverhead of the river Repinka in Kolomna

Smelova Svetlana Stanislavovna1, Lobanova Elena Aleksandrovna2, Prokof'ev Vladimir Valentinovich3

1 Kolomna Institute of Moscow Polytechnic University, Kolomna, Russia

2 Limited liability company «Interso», Kolomna, Russia

3 Public company «Darvodgeo», Moscow, Russia


The article is devoted to the location of the source of the river Repinka in Kolomna in Moscow region. Currently, this water body is poorly studied, although in recent decades there has been an active economic development of its floodplain territory, including the construction of dams and floodplain lands, filling the gullies with wellsprings, subsequent construction of the territory and so on. These activities have led to changes in both the hydrological regime of the river and its hydrological characteristics. Identification of the expected sources of the river is made on the basis of full-scale data and analysis of archive materials. Field researches of the studied territory are carried out. The results of the carried out engineering-geodetic and hydrometric researches in the riverhead of Repinka the points of to the possible source of the river were fixed. It was determined that the source of the river is a wellspring in the gully № 2 with upward discharge of groundwater, which has the coordinates: 55° 3 '46.11" N, 38°44 '17.73" E.


Watersheds, hydrology, hydrometry, Russian Federation.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2018-01-003


For citations: Smelova S.S., Lobanova E.A., Prokof'ev V.V. About the location of the riverhead of the river Repinka in Kolomna // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. 2018. № 1. Р. 14–20. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2018-01-003