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Provenance trials of variety samples of potato under the conditions of Murmansk region

CHelnokova Valeriia Valerevna

Federal state budgetary scientific institution «Murmansk state agricultural experimental station», Molochnyi, Murmansk region, Russia


The problem of creating varieties with a complex of economically useful features in the effective use of the natural resources of the region requires the establishment of parameters and properties of potato varieties, which would provide stably high yields per area unit with good consumer and commodity qualities, resistance to diseases with a high probability. Acceleration of the process of identification and transfer to the State Commission of the Russian Federation for testing and protecting selection achievements of prospective potato selection varieties is the goal of environmental testing conducted on the basis of the Murmansk State Agricultural Experimental Station. Based on the conducted studies of the agro-climatic resources of the region and potato variety testing, a model of targeted potato varieties for the conditions of the Far North is described. This model will allow selection of new varieties adapted to local agro-landscapes to increase production, reduce the cost of its cultivation and improve consumer qualities. A new technique has been developed and its ability to produce statistically reliable results in testing of potato sorts at a lower cost of labor and funds is estimated. When introduced into practice, this technique will allow to effectively promote scientific and technological progress in the production of agricultural products, reducing the cost of it. The study and selection for different soil and climatic zones of the country of varieties with any speed ripening, high-yield, high-value, high content of protein and vitamins in tubers, good taste and storage stability, resistant to diseases and suitable for food and industrial processing will be improved. The main emphasis in the improved methodology is given to reducing its laboriousness, which is reduced by 20%, with high statistical reliability of the results obtained.


Provenance trials, potato, resistance to injurious factors, crop yield.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2018-01-010


For citations: CHelnokova V.V. Provenance trials of variety samples of potato under the conditions of Murmansk region // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. 2018. № 1. Р. 60–65. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2018-01-010