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The protection of water bodies and drinking water supply in Uzbekistan

Usmanov Islam Abbasovich1, KHasanova Mamura Ikramovna2

1 Scientific research Institute of irrigation and water problems, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan

2 Tashkent pediatric medical institute, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan


The following article describes the results of scientific research carried out during the period 2015-2017 years, which was devoted to assessing the efficiency of population’s centralized water supply systems, the quality of drinking water and predicting anthropogenic impact on the quality of the Chirchik and Akhangaran rivers’ water. It was realized that the level of supplying drinking water to population and the efficiency of water supply systems do not fully meet the requirements. The quality of drinking water and sources of water supply in some regions do not meet the standard requirements. As a result, the recommendations on modernization, increasing the efficiency of water supply systems and improving drinking water use conditions were developed in the Republic.


Drinking water, water supply, wastewater, drinking water systems, water quality, forecasting, Republic of Uzbekistan, Chirchik, Akhangaran, Syrdarya.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2018-01-002


For citations: Usmanov I.A., KHasanova M.I. The protection of water bodies and drinking water supply in Uzbekistan // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. 2018. № 1. Р. 9–13. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2018-01-002