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The reclamation of included in the crop rotation of solonetz soils by sulfuric acid situated waste in the Caspian lowland

Gurbanova Zumrud Ramazan kyzy1, Ibragimov Sattar Kamil ogly2

1 Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Baku,Republic of Azerbaijan

2 Azerbaijan scientific-production association of hydraulic engineering and reclamation, Baku,Republic of Azerbaijan


The paper concerns the problems of making healthy salinized soils of pre-Caspian lowland in Azerbaijan Republic by chemical melioration. As a result of carried out experiments it has been determined that washing soils by water results in gyps leaching in the soils and formation alkaline salts. It leads to soda formation, salinization of soils and alkalıne formation. Though washing by drywall does not result in new formation of precipitated gyps, its application as meliorant presents formation of alkaline salts and salinization of solis. Gypsing of soils significantly optimizes leaching of salts, especially release of chlorine and sulphatization. However desalinization of soils till the toxicity border is achieved neither in the layer 0...50 cm, nor 0...100 cm. It has been determined that use of weak solution of sulphuric acid brought to desalination of upper 0...50 cm layer till the limit of salt toxicity deep desalinization of soils (to 150 cm) and high content of residue of non toxic salts lowering harmful influence of excludes possibility of restoration of soil salinization after washing. High content of non-toxic salts in residue after washing salinization with the reduce of toxic salts to 22...36 % allows to increase limit of salts toxicity after washing till 0.8...1.0 % on density residue.


Solonetz soils, reclamation, drywall, sulfuric acid waste, salinization, ameliorant, soil washing.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2018-04-004


For citations: Gurbanova Z.R., Ibragimov S.K. The reclamation of included in the crop rotation of solonetz soils by sulfuric acid situated waste in the Caspian lowland // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. 2018. № 4. Р. 25–33. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2018-04-004