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The influence of the bottom sediments on water quality of small rivers

Iskandarova Shakhnoza Tulkunovna1, Usmanov Islam Abbasovich2, KHasanova Mamura Ikramovna1

1 Tashkent pediatric medical institute, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan

2 Scientific research Institute of irrigation and water problems, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan


The research is devoted to the study of the effect of bottom sediments on the water quality of the Akhangaran river. It has been established that below the wastewater discharge of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, bottom sediments are formed in the coastal areas of the Akhangaran River, in which significant concentrations of mineral and organic substances accumulated. The toxic metals, the concentrations of which exceed the normative levels, especially in the summer season were found in the water. A strong correlation (r > 0.5) has been established between the content of elements in bottom sediments and their concentration in the water of the Akhangaran river. The obtained data shows that bottom sediments are secondary sources of pollution of small rivers. Thus, the monitoring the water quality of small rivers in areas where non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises are located should be carried out taking into account the adverse effects of bottom sediments on the state of water bodies. The content of elements in bottom sediments varies widely on average from 0.01 (surface layers) to 32.1 mg/g (deep layers). It is characteristic that iron and copper in the bottom sediments are present in higher concentrations compared to other elements.


Akhagaran river, bottom sediments, water quality, wastewater, water use of the population.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2019-01-003


For citations: Iskandarova Sh.T., Usmanov I.A., KHasanova M.I. The influence of the bottom sediments on water quality of small rivers // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. 2019. № 1. Р. 19–24. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2019-01-003