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Defination of the optimum dimensions in agroecosystems productivity under Lankaran Lowland condition in Azerbaijan

Gasymov Lyatif Dzhafar ogly

National Academy of Sciences Institute of Soil Science, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan


The real and prognosticated dimensions of the farming lands productivity under natural agroecosystems in the Lankaran lowland condition have been defined. It was determined that the soil, climate, subsoil level and other factors of the landscape influence on the farming land productivity under the Lankaran Lowland condition. The productivity of cereals on these soils is 45.2 centner/ha, vegetables 318.2 centners per hectare, tea 81.2 centners per hectare, fruit 62.1 centner/ha. With the implementation of agroecological measures to increase the fertility of yellow–meadow soils, it is optimal to forecast cereals for 48.2 centners/hectare, 323.2 centner /ha for vegetables, 85.4 hectares for tea, and 66.2 centners per hectare for fruit. The lowest productivity in the hydromorphicallyholophytefacies groups of soil formation, in the soils of the given facies group, the productivity of wheat is 29.0...18.3 centner/ha, vegetables 214.3...99.1 centner / ha, natural fodder for air–dry weight of 19.2...4.1 c/ha. Soils related to the facies group of hydromoric-holophytic soil formation are characterized by low scores, which is explained with unfavorable conditions of formation on the one hand and high toxicity of readily soluble salts on the other hand. In order to reduce the concentration of salts along the soil profile on the territory of the research object, it is proposed to use agro-meliorative measures, taking into account the landscape parameters and the physico-chemical agro-meliorative and physico-mechanical properties of soils.


Agroecosystems, crop performance, soil fertility, soil types, cultivated land, arable land, perennial crops, Azerbaijan, land melioration.



DOI: 10.35688/2413-8452-2019-02-005


For citations: Gasymov L.D. Defination of the optimum dimensions in agroecosystems productivity under Lankaran Lowland condition in Azerbaijan // Ekologiya i stroitelstvo. 2019. № 2. Р. 35–42. doi: 10.35688/2413-8452-2019-02-005.